Thursday, May 15, 2008

Surfing in China and Italy

The Internet in China is based on IPv6.

The China Next Generation Internet is an IPv6 backbone that the Chinese government is using as a testbed to develop IPv6 services, including distance learning and telemedicine. IPv6 is an upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol that features enough IP addresses for the Chinese population.

It has less Spam.

It's safer.

There is less Porn.

But it is censored.

It has many black out.

The access to foreign websites is limited.

It is monitored.

It is slow.

The Internet in Italy is:

Very often slow

Very often has blackouts

It is censored Italian style (very often it is so lousy that you lose a lot of mail. You do not know if it is a kind of censorship)

It has a lot of Spam

It ha a lot of Porn

And it is IPV4

At least the chinese Interent IS NOT a copy of ours.
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