Friday, May 30, 2008

Our "Past Time"

"Loveliness was everywhere this holiday weekend in upstate New York, and it was probably hard for many to believe that the wayward nation would return to the dread uncertainty of life in the crash lane when the barbeques were over. "
Jim Kunstler

The ridicolous part of our society is that we use machines to work less, to have "more time" and then we create the problem of "how to kill the time we have".
So we have to invent Holidays, but "interesting and active holidays" so that if we do not "work" we do something else we do not call "work" but "past time" which sometimes is even heavier than our normal job.
In our week end we amuse ourselves cutting the grass of the garden, painting, repairing, going sshopping, doing sports, and this we call "amusement" while if we had to do the same for money we would call it "work".
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