Friday, May 16, 2008

When to use a VPN

Where can you find the best VPN service? At an affordable price? How can you surf the Web and be completely anonymous?
The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers.
But is also a world where the word privacy has no meaning anymore.
You are traceable every minute you spend on the Internet, and your safety is at risk.
VPN is an application defined at the end points, it is usually not a service provided by your carrier.
Today you can Protect your Internet privacy with a VPN account, that will allow you an Anonymous Surfing.
A VPN is literally a Virtual Private Network, a network in the big Internet Network, where you travel alone because some of the links between nodes are carried by open connections or virtual circuits in some larger network (the Internet) instead of by physical wires.
What is the use of a VPN?
You can use it to speed up connections among enterprise offices, it can allow security and quality of service, protect informations, keep it confidential, very often avoid legal problems, send safely marketing and billing informations, or simply create a network among a certain group of users.
Blacklogic can offer you Canadian or US Ip addresses, encrypted IPSEC VPN service.
You can work anonymously wherever you are, at any computer, preventing anybody to spy on what you are doing.
With it you can bypass all blocked websites, watch American TV.
Besides you can have high speed, no need to check regularly as you would with a proxy, 100% content encryption.
And all this just for $100 per year.(Hurry up, it is a limited offer)
The set up is quite easy, you just need a few simple clicks and a minimum of preferences to set.
You can use it with any OS.
And just to be clear, I will list a few of the situations in which a VPN could be a good solution:

When you use a WiFi connection and public Hot Spots
When you check your emails on a different computer or place which is not home
When you talk using VoIP and you want to keep your privacy
When you need to conceal your IP

And remember: A SSL VPN is much slower than the one Blackmagic offers, much unsafer since the Log files are not destroyed and ISP Providers can look into them.

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