Friday, May 30, 2008

A picture is worth 1K words

That's the reason why a lazy person like me, for a birthday, or Christmas, or any other occasion, loved to send cards.
And choosing the right drawing or the right picture, with a good few, nice words (not written by me)was one of the easiest and most sought of way to remember somebody.
But I still needed the time to go, look for it, buy a stamp and send it.
The Internet is great, because everything is easier, also the showing of your feelings.
Take for example Moonpig.
It is the website that provides a very simple ordering system that allows you to send card for a fraction of the price of a usual card retailer on the High Street or your local newsagent.
The selection is great, the quality unbelievable and you do not need a stamp!
But you still need the time to write the name and address.
When will we have a computer able to read the mind?

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