Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to better post

These are some blogging tips I agree with.
From The Net Before You

1.Data Mining
Use traffic stats of your site to learn what your users are looking for . Data Mining helps you in telling you what you should offer to your readers .

Spice up your blog by periodically telling your readers not only what your blog focuses on but everything that is related with .
For Example - If i have a blog on iPhone , I would also keep a check on other competing phones and review them up on my blog .

3.Opinion Matters
Being frank and unbiased is key to success . Your readers should feel that whatever you talk about is in their's interest and not yours .

If you have a new blog and try to judge other people's opinions then thats not a good idea .
You would be criticized .
It would show up inexperience at your side .

The more you research the more information you tend to share with your readers . It's the EXTRA part that should distinguish your blog from others .

Just forget the quality versus quantity. Rather move over to posting only when you have something that you write with passion.

About point 3
You do not necessarily need to write in the interest of your readers.
You will never be able to do so.
At least NOT in all readers'.
But you have to post your opinion and ask for theirs' opinion.

About point 4
Explaining your opinions and having different opinions IS ALWAYS a good idea.
That is how very often a dialogue begins.
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