Friday, March 07, 2008

Quality and price

For me saving is everything.
Very seldom I lose a good bargain.
I love the Internet also for this: there is no other place where you can shop and find the best the market can offer.
I say the best, because saving is not spending less.
Saving is spending less for the same quality.
Which is something you should ALWAYS keep in mind.
So, if you have a Canon printer, where can you find the best canon ink cartridges?
And the best for me means the best quality at the lowest price.
At 999inks you can find all the types of ink cartridges you can dream, for every printer and you pay much less than in any other place.
And they also have Office supplies, including DVDs (very good price too), printing paper and all you need.
That is also important for me, because when I buy I usually LOVE to save on shipment, and so I try to buy all what I need from the same supplier.
Well, before ordering ink online, it pays to visit their website and compare prices...
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