Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do you need Online Storage?

Do you need online storage?
You do not need to search any longer, because I have the right answer.
If you have a lot of data in your IT environment you know that important data has to be in a safe and secure place.
To follow this requirement you would have to do some tasks in a regulary manner, but to do a daily backup could be rather "painful".
Another problem doing the backups by your own is that you never have enough storage material such as magnetic tapes or Hard drives.

And so, why not passing this task to an experienced and reliable partner?
Have a look at iBackup.
They offer everything you need to release you from this boring task.
All data types, including your databases and mail server data, can be backed up in a secure way.
And it is very simple and easy to handle.

You also can combine this with IBackups Online Storage features, which allow you to access all of your data from anywhere on the globe via the Internet.
You don’t have to learn something new, because it is like having another Hard drive in your PC or in your network environment.
You can specify who will be allowed to access the data – just open a user account and specify the rights for online access.
If you need more, there are many additional features and options available.

Got interested ? Why not ask for a interactive demo ?

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