Friday, March 07, 2008

Learn from many Fortune 100 companies...

Anybody who has to deal with a lot of email every day knows how painful it can be to administer all the accounts and servers as well as all the archives.

Finally there is software available which helps a lot to handle all these necessary tasks in an easy and effective way - called email archiving services.
Whatever your policies and rules are (group based, account based, content based), there is a solution for all of them.
You also can search for criterias in the mail subject, body and even the attachments.
All known viruses can be eliminated before they can harm your computers while opening infected messages.
Sometimes it is important to know where all your physical mail files are (PST etc.) –
it is a children’s game with these utilities.
There are also features which help you to save storage space as you can automatically zip attachments of a certain size.
Depending on the rules set up you also can move less important mail content to slower and cheaper drives/devices instead of occupying expensive space on high level drives.

Important is also that

- this software runs platform independent
- it has not to be installed on the server
- you can run everything from your workstation

To find out all the features which could be important to your needs, you can ask for a 30 day trial.
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