Thursday, March 06, 2008

The little Miss Sunshine

Hard to find in reality a family so unblessed.
The grandfather is a drug addict, the wife's brother a broken gay who tries suicide, the son mute since years for reaching the goal to become a pilot and later finds out he will never be able to because he is colours blind, the father who tries desperately to prove that losing in life is just a matter of not believing in oneself and inconsequentially goes bankruptcy.

All together they travel 800 miles in an old family van to bring the daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant "Little Miss Sunshine".
Hard to believe the van breaks on the road, the father dies for an overdose, while they manage to arrive a few minutes later, when the admission to the contest is closed.
In the name of the strength of the "winning spirit" the father, on his knees, manages to be able to admit the small daughter, who, trained by the sex obsessed grandpa performs in an indecent dance.
Conclusion: they have to agree to "no any more pageant in California" to get out free of charges.
It is a true elegy to the "in spite of", and the proof that, whatever you believe, life is hard and luck or no luck, it is not enough to believe to fulfil your dreams.
Defeat of goals, but victory of family's love.

Patrizia The Movie Whisperer
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