Saturday, March 01, 2008

Welcome Spring

Once I dreamed to live in a place like Florida.
Summer all year long.
Sun and beaches.
Then I met somebody from Florida.
"I am going to move to Denver", "Why?” I asked kind of bewildered, "Because I am fed up with this hot weather".
I couldn't believe my ears, but then I began thinking.
What would my life be without Spring?
Nobody can understand how beautiful Spring can be, unless he had a Winter.
And a Winter as we have in North of Italy, with a lot of snow, fog and very low temperatures.
Spring is like been reborn every year.
Spring is looking at your garden and seeing the small green leaves growing on your trees, the first tulips and daffodils and hyacinths.
When you are lucky enough to have a garden Spring is the most beautiful show you can have in your life.
And late February, early March are the best time to begin working and planning and planting.
This year I made a big order at Direct Gardening taking advantage of several coupons I got from Coupon Chief.
The secret to have a nice garden and beautiful flowers and plants is to buy them in the right place, where they have healthy plants and a good selection.
They even help you to organize your garden with precious suggestions.
If you have to organize your work and need good quality accessories you can find them at Landscape. USA.
You can also get good coupons from the same source and buy what you need at good prices.
Well, what can I say more: Welcome Spring!
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