Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Good Year

I love old mansions, a little less old mansions in France.
But nevertheless if I had had to choose between London and that mansion (even thought I love London too) I wouldn't have needed much to decide for France.
But an investment broker addicted to fast money, born crook, grown up bastard, had just one choice: a fast and profitable sale.
Well, at this point, there wouldn't have been any need to make a movie out of it.

A movie is like wine, you have to sip slowly to appreciate the colour, the bouquet and the taste.
A then, just then, you can say I like it or not.
You learn nothing from winning, very often something from losing, the important you do not make a habit of it.
Max lost half property to the unexpected arrival of a cousin, but gained wisdom and may be happiness with a new love....

Patrizia The Movie Whisperer
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