Sunday, March 02, 2008

The "smart" garden of the near future

A concept auto navigation garden watering system for 2015, the concept was introduced by a designer named Yopi Djauhar - currently studying in Product Design degree course in Limkokwing university, Malaysia.

By 2015, we might see Beyflo navigating on its own through your garden. It can refill water and recharge on its own. The power is located on top, make it easier for users to turn it on/off. Plants location is not a problem for Beyflo, because it can reach further by increasing its water pump pressure.

To avoid obstacles it comes with higher ground clearance and to avoid obstacles when moving through rough terrain it is cleverly equipped with object sensors. The wheel is made up from solid PU for good traction. PCB is the central processing unit that control motor, pump and power portion to each component.
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