Thursday, March 06, 2008

A way to avoid Critical Data Theft

The whole point of disk encryption products is to protect the data on a computer drive if the computer is lost or stolen or illegally accessed, that is, if physical security is breached.
In this case a good Data Encryption Software would be an invaluable help.
Data security is getting a big problem and needs a good solution for both big and small companies.
But while the first can afford costly and sophisticated software, the second face the problem of expensive IT infrastructure.
AlertBoot has the right answer with a comprehensive, web-based suite of data security tools for companies and organizations of any size and can provide an integrated suite of managed services and the same industry-leading encryption with pre-boot authentication revolutionized by SafeBoot Mobile Data Security — the worldwide leader in encryption and data security.
Furthermore IT administrators can remotely batch upgrade all encrypted machines in the field and control them.
In a few words, AlertBoot can maximize the ROI of every company lowering to the minimum the cost of management and security because it offers the following features:

Easy to sign up.
Quick to encrypt.
Painless to manage.
All for one low monthly cost per user.

So, if you need more data security do not wait anymore…
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