Thursday, March 06, 2008

Money is the measure of every call

That is terribly true, especially if you happen to go on vacation in far away, with no infrastructures, countries.
There begins the dilemma: Will I call home or won't I?
You can always call "collect", but then, when the bill arrives, you go into the five phases:

Search for the guilty
Punishment of the innocent
Praise for the non-participants

And you HAVE TO PAY.
So, why not trying to use calling cards?
An example.
If you happen to be in Botswana (I fail to understand what anyone would do in Bostwana) which happens to be a very far away place, you pay 3.3¢/Minute.
Or from Egypt - 5.0¢/Minute.
I would prefer spending 2.0 ¢/Minute more and being in Egypt, but if you really want to save, and you plan to call a lot you could go as far as Zimbabwe which is only 1.0¢/Minute, even less than many people would pay calling New York from Washington DC.
You can find calling cards for 153 countries, check here , where you can go and call home or being called and stay on the phone as long as you like.
What is the joy to see the pyramids, if you cannot call home and say how they look, or how you feel?
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