Thursday, March 06, 2008

How much change can we really stand?

"To avoid that deadly outcome, the new president will have to be equipped with a realistic vision of what this society can actually do to survive the discontinuities that circumstances present. This will require him to confront the prevailing delusion that the US can become "energy independent" in the sense that we can run WalMart on something other than oil from foreign lands.
We're about to find out how much "change" the public can really stand."

I guess that the bearing possibilities of human nature are almost limitless.
As we got easily used to the "better" we will need to get used to the "worse".
And if the better was a useless bunch of unuseless things welcome the worse.
If that means we won't be able to look at TV, if we will be obliged to do more physical work in order to save and get warm, if we will be obliged to take a bus or a train, to wake up earlier, to say good bye to a bar's coffee or an ice cream, or a weekly dinner out.
If we will spend our holidays repainting our house, learning how to be a plumber or an electrician, or a hair dresser, or learning to wash and keep our clothes so that they will last more, if we won't be able to afford ten new outfits every season,(and throwing away the good old ones, just because they are "out of fashion"), WELCOME WORSE.
If we will learn that the important is to "LIVE" and not to "POSSESS", WELCOME WORSE.
I, personally, am already living in the "WORSE" way and, to be honest, do not miss the "BETTER".
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