Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The music of the wind

One of the sounds I love is the sound, better, the music of the wind.
How can you listen to it?
With a wind chime.
It is something you usually hang out of your home, made by hollow or solid metal or wooden tubes, meant to be played by the wind.
They can be made also with other materials like bamboo, and be a good example of fine crafter's work like the beautiful wind chimes of Unique Outdoor.
The ones I like best are the glass type.
They remind me of the old crystal "Drops Lamps" and the sound is quite "ethereal".
There is nothing nicer than closing your eyes and dreaming at their music, while sitting in your garden.
And the loveliness of their song comes with the beauty of their stained glass.
The rainbow of colours sparkling with the sun's rays is the perfect match of the lovely sound.
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