Monday, March 17, 2008

Movie and Music Industry

"Back in high school I used to drive to a friend's house to copy cassette tapes. Would a reasonable response to this piracy have been to place a toll (voluntary or not) on all roads, since they might be used to transport illegally copyrighted material? The Internet is just today's highway, and its used for a lot more than illegally copying music.

If the music industry wants to offer $5/month unlimited licenses to users enabling them to freely copy any material that is a separate issue. But why tie the license to the transport mechanism ? It is possible to copy material without using the Internet, and if I actually bought a license I would expect to be able to copy material using any medium I chose."

Vanu Bose []

There is nothing wrong or nothing right.
It is just a way to get still something out of a market that is disappearing.
Or at least that doesn't produce as much revenues as it did before.

Once you could see a movie just in a movie theatre.
You paid, you saw it, you went away and if you wanted to see it a second time you paid again.
Technology came with Videotapes.
You rented a movie, you paid and you saw it as much as you liked and you paid in base of the time you kept the cassette.
But parallel to the movie industry there is the hardware industry that saw the big chance to make big profits in making VideoTape recorders. You rented the movie, you copied it and paid just for the time you needed it.
Then the copy travelled around.

With the Internet the travels are shorter, easier and more alluring because "global".
Instead of a circle of few friends you have millions.
And this is the beginning of the end of rentals, videos, dvds and so on...
You still go to the teather to see a high definition movie.
But how long?
There are hardware and projectors not too expensive anymore and if you are lucky to have a big room, you have the real thing in YOUR OWN HOME.

There are two possible solutions.
Either the Police does nothing else than fining and prosecuting violators (but a fair thing would mean to sue ALL the violators and that would mean the collapse of Justice) or being an actor is going to become a job like many others.
Not a million dollars for a movie, but a month salary.
Technology can help producers to lower the cost of directing and recording a movie to the minimum.
There will be many more broadcasters than today and the cost of a movie won't be anymore millions. Of course also the revenue.
IT WILL BECOME just a normal JOB.

You will earn by commercials in the movie, or sponsored films or any other way to come back to expenses and ROI.
Why not? Also a few dollars fee from the ones willing to download from a LEGAL SERVER.
One thing is for sure, the Stars of tomorrow won't be motivated by the earnings, that is for sure.
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