Sunday, March 16, 2008

He, She, It, on the Internet they are just "Surfers"

"The number of young people who openly identify as transgendered has grown for a few reasons. Some parents of young children who are “gender nonconforming” — usually children who identify psychologically with the opposite sex but also children who have hermaphroditic traits, like indeterminate sex organs — now allow their kids to choose whether they are referred to as “he” or “she” and whether to wear boys’ or girls’ clothing. And some of these parents, under a doctor’s supervision, have even begun to administer hormone blockers to prevent the arrival of secondary sex characteristics until a “gender variant” child is old enough to make permanent choices. The Internet also offers greater access to information about transmale and gender-variant identities. "

The New York Times

The Internet as a Real Democratic Land is the virtual place where real people live.
Every kind of them.
Here we are all just "Humans" or better "Surfers" of any gender.
The Internet is the place where the Future comes sooner than life, because it is faster, it is easier, it is the "global" land.
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