Monday, January 07, 2008

Life after Microsoft

You may already know what Bill Gates had planned for his final CES keynote, but did you know about his plans for life after Microsoft? We just saw a video during his speech that shows what life may be like for the world's most famous CEO. His days are filled working on his six-pack with Matthew McConaughey, "Big Pimpin'" in the studio with Jay-Z, begging Jon Stewart for a gig on the Daily Show, and calling every Democrat he knows to see if they'll let him run for Vice President.
It's too bad, when he called Barack Obama and said "It's Bill", Obama's first guess was "Shatner?" (His second guess was Bill Clinton.)
Check out the gallery for more stills from the video, and best of luck Bill, even if George Clooney won't play you in a movie
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