Saturday, January 05, 2008

A new (original idea) statue in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills May Get Giant Penis Statue
In a story today about the possible departure of the John Wayne statue from the front of Flynt Publications –- it may go to Newport Beach, the Glendale-raised Duke's longtime home -– LAT's Bob Pool gets this euphemized gem from porn magnate Larry Flynt:

From his publishing headquarters above the statue, Flynt said he wouldn't miss the Duke and his horse if they headed south.

He said the entryway to the Flynt Building would be better served with something different, suggesting art more fitting for his adult entertainment empire: a 50-foot statue celebrating the male anatomy.

Beverly Hills officials could not be reached for comment on Flynt's idea, which would likely provoke considerable public debate.

Just one more dick in Beverly Hills, I guess.
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