Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New Diet

One of the commonest thing most women promise to do is beginning a diet.
That usually happens at the end of the day, a little bit before going to bed, a little bit later (or immediately after) having gone through the inhuman habit of using a scale, just to know we have got some more weight, or mostly at the very end of the year.
That is, just past the holidays which usually leave us with a lot of money less in our bank account and a lot of weight more around our waist...
That is the moment we promise we'll never eat a cake again in all our life (just tasting a little piece, when offered some, not to look too impolite...) or even thinking to try anything like lasagne or those poisonous pizzas where you can hardly see the pasta since it is so covered by cheese and all other devilish stuffs...
That is the moment we women swear we'll begin a real diet and will follow it till the scale will tell us we can afford again to dream about something we love.
That is exactly the moment we should look for diet programs, like Medifast which promises you to allow five (yes 5) meals (Medifast meals) and loose up to five (yes 5) pounds a week!
It is true, they have very little in common with Lasagne, but also with the collateral effects of lasagne.
And five pounds a week is twenty pounds a month...
And what about Nutrisystem?
You can order it online, they have a choice of 120 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts.
Besides helping your figure, being perfectly balanced with protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, they help your health too.
Whether you are a man, woman, senior, vegetarian, they have a tailored dietary plan for all.
If you love traditional diets, you can always choose Weight watchers which is more a lifestyle than a dieting plan.
The good thing is that there are so many diets that you always have something new to try, if the old is not successful.
But one thing is terribly sure: whatever they promise, they work if you really follow them.
That is: DO NOT CHEAT!
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