Sunday, January 06, 2008

Those marvelous plastic bags

One of the biggest invention of our time was certainly plastic and one of the most useful use of it was the plastic bag.
From the humblest everyday grocery shopping bag to the most sophisticated Designer's colored bag, they have become our daily companion.
Wherever we go there is a plastic bag with us...
So, they have soon become one of the most important supply for any store.
International Plastics is one of the biggest Plastic Bags Manufacturer.
Do you need a special print or a special size? No problem.
They have every kind of tailored bag for your business however special it can be.
And do you need it fast?
No problem either.
They have over 600 sizes of poly bags in stock to ship every day!
And for any Show they have Retail Trade Show Bags that will perfectly suit your company.
They can help it to stand out from th rest.
And your company's printed name will be seen everywhere, because if people like the bag, they will use it in and OUT of the show!
Imagine your product or company being advertised in places you never thought of reaching.
And they can also be considered among the pioneers of Reclosable Bags.
They can have many variations to fit your specific needs. Including SliderGrip, Lab Guard, Anti-Static, White Block, Hang Hole and Biohazard resealable Minigrip bags.
They can also be custom printed and colored (up to six colors).
They are also perfectly ideal for bagging electronics since they are provided with Tyvek desiccants.
You can also find the line for larger documents like shipping information, job tickets or shipments of small parts.
And don't forget they are FDA and USDA approved.
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