Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's the best way to lose weight?

I guess there is not a real good and best way, it depends on the subject...
There are people with such a strong will that it is enough for them to think: Today I will begin a diet.. and the next few days they are already a few pounds less.
But those are as rare as tulips in January.
Most of us think and promise and swear just after a good meal, then when the hours pass the will gets wicker and wicker, till the next meal...and the procedure repeats again and again...
Those are THE ONES who need mostly good weight loss plans.
Something for example like Medifast, which is the FAST way to begin a diet and to go on till most of the "over pounds" have left the body.
You can lose up to 2, even 5 pounds a week (depending how good you are) without counting calories or points.
You have your meals ready, planed and measured. The only thing you have to do is following the plan.
Which in principle shouldn't be so difficult since you shouldn't feel so hungry.
That is exactly the secret. Eating all the necessary proteins and vitamins can help your body to feel satisfied with a smaller amount.
Which is exactly the opposite of what happens if you indulge in fatty and high calories food like French fries and similar...
Together with Medifast you also get the free online meal planner, a free weight-loss tracker and a few community support(also the psychological part of a diet can be very important).
But if you still do not want to abandon completely your (bad) habits and your likings, you can refer to Diet to go which lets you choose the kind of dinner you prefer.
And it is the nicest beginning, because the first dinner is FREE!
Diet to go is nothing else than Freshly prepared, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your home.
It is a good, balanced and tasty diet, it is not expensive and of course promises to be very effective.
Their strategy is the make sure their food tastes as good or better than anything you are already eating. It's a proven strategy that has worked for thousands of customers, and it will work for you, too.
So, what can I say more: Happy diet!
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