Saturday, January 05, 2008

Writing my life

Today I feel a philosopher, and this is the subject I like best to write.
Life is like a book, our book, that we write everyday.
And, as a book, if the one who writes it is a good writer, the book is pleasant to read, if he is not, the book gets boring and uninteresting.
And that doesn't depend on the story.
The Story is but the accident, the excuse, the trail to follow.
It is the excuse to WRITE.
We can have a good or a bad life, but it is not Destiny, or Circumstances or whatever you can believe.
It is the author who writes the story and it is the author who makes it good or bad.

Do you want to be happy?
I am sorry, I cannot tell you how.
I can tell you that happiness doesn't exist, but you can reach it dreaming to reach it.
You can be happy writing your life so that you can see also the sad things as happy ones.
Being ready for a new start whenever you need a new start.
Never writing the word END after any chapter.
Just writing: end of a bad chapter, see and enjoy the next one...
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