Monday, October 08, 2007

Again about bandwidth and IPTV

Mark Tomin said...
TV cable carries over 200 channels simultaneously over different frequency range. When you watch internet TV, you only need 1 channel. This will save enormous amounts of bandwidth for all of us, once cable companies reprioterize their bandwidth allowance.

Thanks for the comment.
If it was for getting a link you are welcome, even though my blog is not so high ranked to make a difference...
It it was to discuss, this is my answer:

Cable TV already exists and works pretty well.
I do not see the need to buy a Set Top Box to see the TV on a PC monitor when we can look at it comfortably sitting on our couch on the TV screen...
When we talk of IPTV we talk about IP, and on IP in the cases in which it is really an improvement.
For whom it is going to be an improvement?
1) It won't use ANY kind of frequency or any room on any satellite, just bandwidth on the Internet.
That means EVERYBODY could be a TV producer...
Big improvement, isn't it?
The only problem is that at this moment every connection sucks bandwidth not only on the receiver side, but ALSO on the sending side.
If I am a broadcaster and I have let's say 100 (which is nothing) contemporary viewers, I am going to consume let's say 1 Mbps X 100, which is a little bit expensive for ANYBODY...
Let's say I am a TV broadcaster and I have 1.000.000 contemporary viewers, I will consume 1.000.000 X 1 Mbps, and it is going to cost me much, much more than paying a frequency...
That is the reason why, for the moment, the real IPTV doesn't exist (don't talk about Youtube, because that IS NOT comparable to TV...)
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