Friday, October 05, 2007

XML, the newest gadgets, and a good glass of wine...

At first sight, that man with cowboy's hat found my utmost approval.
And he declared himself a xml Aficionado!
I am not so "aficionado" to xml, nevertheless in his blog I can find interesting posts about the latest news that, willing or not, affect me.
Interesting tips about things I find installed on my computer even if I didn't want them.
May be that's the new way to approach technology, otherwise, I, as many others, would never change and try new roads.
I am talking about Microsoft's Live Search.
I didn't want it, because I didn't even know it existed, but now that I have it, and now that Alexander Falk explained it, well I realized that most of what he writes is true.
In his XML Aficionado blog you can find besides of course new technologies, trends, and innovative uses of XML, also the explanation about great developer tools that improve the overall software development cycle.
And being a man of THIS world, you can bet he won't neglect gadgets and a good restaurant...
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