Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One of the way to fulfill your little dreams...

How does it sound to have a small account on PayPal, something you can spend on eBay without regretting too much, because it is out of your budget?
I think that in my case eBay should be the biggest sponsor of PayPerPost, because all my money ends there...
And second the Post Offices of this world, because at least once a week I have a parcel from somewhere in this world...USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia...
And if you consider also the stuff that I resell, I guess the biggest part of PayPerPost money ends in the Post Office's pocket...
But I finally could afford the best gray mink coat, a crocodile bag, various jewels (false, but they look like real)several armchairs, some antiques (or almost antiques), new curtains, new upholstery for my coach and I am still spending, because I am still writing.
But the best is that I really enjoy it.
First because I take only the opportunities I like to write about, I also love to take them as a challenge; so very often I take opportunities about things that have nothing to do with me, but those are the ones I like most.
Don't you feel good realizing you are able to write things you thought you would never be able to?
My only regret in all this is that I live so far away from USA.
I would really like to meet the people from PayPerPost, being able to join to the meetings.
I know it can sound kind of naive, but besides all what I said, writing posts about this or that, makes me feeling a little bit like a marketing expert.
I really take it the way I would do it as if it was my job.
What would I like to read about this or that?
What would convince me about this or that?
That is what I write. The best I can. With a little bit of humor, the one I am able to add. So that it is not too boring.
So that it can drive traffic to the ones who pay and to the owner of the blog...
Because I want my blog to be read, sponsored posts or not...

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