Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A new Environment friendly Serch Engine

Are you an environment friend?
So you won't miss the chance of a Green Search from today on.
First: What is a "green search"?
The users' personal computer usage is 17.57g of CO2(emissions generated through producing search queries), while, using Carbon Neutral Search Engine ,you reduce that production to a fraction of a gram.
In the beginning this Search Engine (powered by Google)will be through Climate Care, later the goal of Carbon Neutral Search Engine is to invest directly in renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom.
The more will use it, the greener our world will get.
The Carbon Neutral Search Engine promises to invest in the environment for future generations and contribute to a low carbon economy.
Daily using it for searching the Internet will be easy and conveniently complete without contemplating the reality of our actions.
The more people that use the Carbon Neutral Search the greater impact they will have on the future of our Planet.
So, what could I say more?
If you really care, if you really want to do something this is the very easy way to begin, just getting used to a new, environment friendly search engine.
The practical outcome of your search will be the same, while the impact on the environment will be completely different, the more you search the more you save on CO2...
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