Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our barking friends

I love dogs.
I think they feel it, because every time there is a dog nearby he sees me and looks at me and we talk with the eyes and the expression of the face.
I feel he understands me as much as I understand him.
When I was little I always dreamed to own a dog , but, having a mother peculiar with cleaning and a spotless home, I could never bring one in the house.
So, as soon as I went to live by myself, I bought one.
I had a few dogs, but the one I loved best was my little Daisy.
She was a puddle and was my shadow.
Wherever I went she was with me.
It was hard to teach her to sleep in her room, in her own bed.
She loved couches and beds and especially she loved the places where I was.
That is why once in a while you need dog gates, because they are the only way to teach them to stay away from precious couches and beds.
As much as I love animals, I think we still have more rights than them.
Not because they are inferior, just because we are more "civilized" and more "polite".
We do not loose hair or something else...
That doesn't mean they cannot have a comfortable or luxury bed...
If you look at you'll find the best the market can offer.
I personally dislike to dress dogs like humans, I think they look ridiculous and uncomfortable, but my Daisy had two very nice and warm coats.
I think she liked them, especially when she got a little bit older.
Winters are very cold where I live and they like to be warm as much as we do...
My Daisy lived 17 years, which they say is quite old for a puddle, but not for her owner...
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