Friday, October 05, 2007

Everything has to change in order to be ALWAYS the same...

“We’re going to invest the time and energy and the resources in these stories because the question we’re always asking ourselves is what matters to our audience,”
Now, as more readers and advertisers migrate to the Internet, this kind of enterprise reporting has become harder to find at many papers. And in that context, The St. Petersburg Times is itself an endangered species — an independent, privately owned daily that continues to serve up quality journalism.

Balancing Bottom Lines and Headlines

First question:
How many is more readers and advertisers?
I still see a society where old people are still in a good number, and old people HATE changes in their habits...

Second question:
If it is real QUALITY, shouldn't it be immortal?
You can change the way to express it, to deliver it, to spread it, but good quality news is always good quality news.
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