Saturday, October 27, 2007

Virtual Worlds

"Virtual worlds such as There, Entropia Universe, and Second Life let you create avatars, buildings, and even virtual classrooms and businesses. With Google Earth and Microsoft's (MSFT) Virtual Earth 3-D, you can transcend the map layout and zoom into satellite-mapped locations around the world.

All these developments have one thing in common: They suggest that before long, the Internet of the future, and the vast wealth of information and services on it, will look different: slicker, more realistic, more interactive and social than anything we experience today through the Web browser."

Virtual worlds have always existed in our fantasy.
Sometimes we saw them in movies or in dreams.
They are everything, but one thing they are not: social.
On the contrary they risk to isolate our self more and more in a world that is far away from reality and far away from what we really are.
A good, normal conversation with friends over a good meal is still something that no virtual world can beat.
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