Saturday, October 06, 2007

Envisioning Tomorrow's World

TECH TALK: Envisioning Tomorrow’s World: Teleputer, Ubinet and M-Web
The Teleputer is a term coined by George Gilder. Think of it as a device which marries a mobile phone and a computer, or more specifically, a network computer. As I see it, the teleputer is a device which is a mobile phone which can also double as a multimedia network computer. It can be connected to a docking station which connects to a full-size keyboard, monitor and mouse.

We will carry the teleputer with us when we are on the move. It has its own small keypad and display. It has good data connectivity and an in-built browser. Perhaps, future versions of the teleputers will also have excellent voice recognition and, like Nintendo's Wii, even understand gestures. When we want a bigger display and keyboard, we will dock the teleputer to connect to servers on which the information and applications are stored.

This is Ok providing that tomorrow's man is somebody always on a run, always connected, always working.
That is definitely NOT the vision I have of Tomorrow's man.
Because tomorrow's man is going to be quite different from today's man.
He will have understood that life IS NOT just making money, but that there is a time for work and a time for enjoying life.
That working is done better if you sit on your desk, that a worldwide network means you can work from home.
He will have understood that wireless is good and useful if used in the right and logic way.
And that is a huge wasting of money and a huge danger for his health spreading millions of microwaves just for asking how is the weather or chatting and saying stupid things on the run.
And he will have understood that a book (may be an e-book on a PC tablet) is much better than wasting time and resources with small talk.
Well, I am not sure of this, but I am sure I would like a different world and a different life of today's world.

The Ubinet is a ubiquitous network of connectivity. It will be an envelope that allows access from anywhere. It will be wireless and broadband. The early versions can be seen in technologies like 3G, WiMax and mesh wireless. Tomorrow's networks will have far greater speeds. The Ubinet is what will make network computing on the teleputer a reality, with performance that we are used to seeing on today's desktop computers.

The M-Web is the Internet that is My, Mobile and Magical. It includes a computing grid that will take care of all the storage and processing. Personalization will create a magical experience as the teleputer will know where we are and get from the M-Web contextual information. The M-Web will be mobile friendly because that is how the predominant access will happen.

The M-Web will have some key differences from today's Web.

Hopefully it will be an EMERGENCY WEB, not the daily meal for fanatics' individuals.
A decent size screen is much more enjoyable and better for our eyesight.
As the right size keyboard.

TECH TALK: Envisioning Tomorrow's World
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