Saturday, October 27, 2007

The three Musts of being successful in business

If your business is selling and you want to get better and sell more, why not learn how to? is expanding its business and looking to move into Sales Training .
Since they have been quite successful in Plumbing training, you can bet they are able to teach you all what you need to become the best in Sales.
I always thought you need three Musts to be successful.
First having something good to sell, second having something good to sell at a good price, third being able to sell it.
None of the three works alone, you can have the right merchandise to sell, at the best price, but if you are not able to convince the customers of what you sell it is just for nothing.
Once upon a time there was a good merchant, who worked and produced the best.
But he wasn't able to sell.
"How come, my dear God, that I am able to make the best shirts and I cannot sell them, while my competitors have lower value stuffs and sell them?
Will you help me?"
"Thou Shall sew an alligator on the pockets" was God's answer.
"An alligator?"
"Do as I say"
He did and you know how successful that merchant became.
He just added the third option, probably the most important.
He was taught how to sell...

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