Monday, October 29, 2007

Dreaming about miracles

Dreaming about miracles can really change your life.
Much more than miracles themselves.
If you are really lucky you can have a miracle in all your life, while it takes very little to dream about a miracle any time you need one.
And the good thing of dreaming is that you can change gender, type, location, amount, as you please.
A tailored miracle any time you fancy one.
How to?
Very simple.
Just close your eyes and think: how would my life change if for example, my blog was rated 7 or 8?
That could really make a big difference.
I would be able to get most of the well paid, well sought of opportunities on PayPerPost.
And beginning to make real money.
Besides of course being able to write about more interesting things.
This of course comes by itself.
When they pay you $350 for 50 words, any subject becomes interesting and suddenly you find much more to write about.

Or something else like: how would my life change if I found out I won at the lottery?
That is quite impossible for me in the real world, since I never buy tickets, but who knows?
Somebody could buy one and register my name...
Anyway, in the miracles' world this has no importance, since the only thing that counts is the miracle itself.
How and when and where have no meaning anymore.
We are talking about miracles.

The important is being smart about it.
Never dream of more than one or two a day, otherwise they become normality and normality kills the fun.
Enjoy one at a time and fully.
Never loose fantasy and hope.
Go to sleep hoping in a brand new morning miracle for the next day.
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