Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Page Rank explained

If you think I have the secret to upgrade your page rank you are mistaken.
If I did, my blog would be page ranked 10.
And if you think somebody else (exept Google of course and a few I do not know) has it, you are again mistaken.
I, for a while, anxiously lost time reading how and when and if and so about page ranking.
The secret was: write things a million people would like to read and you'll have a page rank 10.
Nothing to object, I think I already knew it.
Get as many as possible links from high ranked pages and you'll upgrade your page rank.
Nothing to object to this too. I already knew this too.
Result, I just forgot it.
One thing I wouldn't do is following advices like: fool the robot, get links from non existing, ghost pages and so on.
The few times I did, the result was to be banned with PR 0 or close to it...
Probably when the tips and tricks arrive as low as to my ears, it is too late.
They have reached Google before...
I see a Page Rank as the sign of how much space your blog can reach on the Internet.
Because the number of visitors creates the PR, but the PR creates the number of visitors.
So, you have to work on that.
Shouting and telling people you exist and you have something to say.
Then saying something and again reaching the audience.
It is a never ending job, but that is the nice part of it.
That you are never finished and tomorrow is a brand new Page Rank day...
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