Sunday, October 28, 2007

Victory of a new device

The days of the good old Hard drive may be counted as there is a new device.
And on the horizon there will be a great future for these.
the main advantages are :

- there are no moving parts in it

- it runs without any noise

- it keeps the data for more than 10 years without electricity

At this very moment we are at a capacity of 64 GB, but in the near future we will
see much higher values.
And - very important - the prices will slump.

Also, we will see different shapes of these new devices :

- the standard flat card

- USB sticks

- ball point like

We will be able to use them in Camera's, Notebooks, Handy's.
The weight of new Notebooks will lower a lot and their power consummation will be reduced,
which you also will recognize regarding the temperature as these cards will not heat like
the good old Hard drives do.
You have to get used of new PC's without the monotonous noise of the Hard drives.
We will also miss the noises of the mechanic parts of the Hard disk head when accessing data tracks.

We will also get rid of these Hard disk crashes, which can take your breathe.
Also a falling Notebook will not leave you without data.
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