Saturday, October 27, 2007

How I make Michelangelo's frescoes


Yes, I proudly admit it: behind all, there are MY IDEAS.
Remember: think and you'll create the problem of disposal of ideas...I have that problem and this time I think I disposed them quite well.
The fact is, I love beautiful things, I love art, I am sometimes obsessed by colors, by pixels, by beauty.
And I like to be sorrounded by beautiful things.
I cannot afford to buy them, so I REPRODUCE them, as well as my husband can.
Because he is the "Deus ex Machina", the one who makes my ideas become reality.
That is what I love in him and that is what he loves in me.
A new idea every day, a new frescoes every day (well in this case it takes more than a day or two...)
We like to show that the impossible IS POSSIBLE.
It is enough you want it and you want it very much.
(You also HAVE to want the things you are able to do of course)
Let's go back to the beginning.
How do I make Michelangel's frescoes?
The first approach is like Michelangelo's.
I study the wall. And I study my ideas.
I think and think, and measure, and try.
And then I decide.
My computer does the rest.
Then it comes to the Skill.
I do not have his skills, and my husband doesn't too.
So we just copy.
It is better a gorgeous copy than a terrible original.
And the good of copying is that you can pass from Michelangelo to Botticelli, to Giotto, to Raffaello.
(not Picasso, because HE is copyrighted)
Living in a wonderful place like Italy, full of Art and with the most magnificent history, what you certainly do not lack is IDEAS.
See other pictures below...
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