Monday, October 08, 2007

A man's world

What is the most important issue to agree in your marriage if you like it to last long? (I do not say forever, because I do not believe in forevers)
Both must have a special place to live their private life.
For a woman can be a nice bath, or a gym, or a library.
For a man it is usually his garage.
That makes it easier when you have to make gifts for him, or if you want to buy something to him to prove your love.
I already know what my husband would love.
First because he likes to do a lot of DIY jobs in his spare time and second because he is a German.
What would be better than a metal pegboard where to hang all his tools?
It would be exactly what he dreams for his garage, first because he has a huge number of tools and they are all scattered around the house and second because, being a German, what is better than having everything nicely and orderly arranged in his own room?( the garage).
And a "Complete Kit of Formed Edge Metal Pegboard 4 Metal Panels of Pegboard - 16" X 32" by 5/8" Deep Starter s..." is just $67.45!
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