Saturday, October 27, 2007

What makes the difference in life

I think the best investment for your money is your home.
Or at least it is for me.
It not only makes me feeling better to live in a place I like, but, doing the right investment, it can also make you saving a lot of money.
For example double glazing with the actual cost of oil and gas is the right thing to do, if you have some money to spare.
And if you don't this is one of those reasons to borrow some.
Because you will enjoy a warmer house and saving on your bills, you will be able to reapay easily and fast the money you borrowed.
What are number first Home improvements ?
First the roof, then the windows.
I love the uPVC kind.
They look great, they are easy to keep clean and in order, they keep the cold out and the warm in. Besides they are secure and elegant and do not need the maintenance of the wood.
What do you want more?
I forgot the price.
If you know where to buy them (for example Anglian Home improvements), they are also cheaper.
And after the windows?
If you still have some money why not building a conservatory?
That will soon become the most used room in the house.
I lived in London and my house had a very nice conservatory, facing the garden.
The thing I miss more of that time, is the moments I sat in it reading or listening to music or just enjoying the rest.
That is what makes the difference in life. (at least for me)
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