Monday, October 01, 2007

The advantages of having a software based IP PBX

To have a decent phone system, a SMO until some time ago had to buy a central system, do all the cabling to the in-house phones, whereas the old phones had to be replaced, too.
Additionally one had to establish a certain contract with the local telephone provider to be able to communicate in a productive way.
And, of course, one had to pay a nice amount for this investment.
Things have dramatically changed.
As almost all SMOs nowadays have a connection to the Internet, they are in the position to get rid of all this hardware stuff ( including the old cabling ) and to replace it with just a piece of software, a Software based SIP IP PBX..
This software does all what an expensive PBX does and even has many more functions, which gives the user a more comfortable handling of all the telephone requirements.
Besides this, the winning part in this is the big saving one can reach using the Internet as one doesn't pay for a call to another user on the internet.
And if it comes to International calls, the savings are even higher.
You can establish an agreement with a VoIP provider who can forward your internet call to any other VoIP provider on the globe.
This saves you up to 95% depending on the country of destination.

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