Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About cheap and expensive and marketing

I am kind of surprised to read how much consternation my comment produced.
I had the gut to say I would prefer a cheap job to an expensive one.
First: the fact it is cheap doesn't necessarily mean it is shabby or lousy.
Sometimes , I would say very often lately, price is not synonymous of value.
Very often the successful product IS NOT the best, but yes it is the BEST ADVERTIZED product.
And that happens because people know the price and do not always know the value...

And in this I agree, from a marketing point of view, a CHEAP product very seldom is a look after product...

My blog is what it is, nobody is actually obliged to read or to comment.
I write what I like and what I feel like.
If you carefully read is : Voip, myself, life.
And I think I am up to ALL what I promise.
I am not a good writer and I am Italian. I always lived in Italy and I think my English is absolutely great, for somebody who is Italian.
I invite Whoever has something to say to write a blog in Italian.
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