Monday, July 09, 2007

Storing made easy

One of the nicest feature in any electronic device is certainly the speed and easiness in using it.
Scanning used to be a boring and difficult task, first you had to center the picture to be scanned, then you had to preview and define the size of the scan, then finally scanning.
Once you scanned you had to store the picture and decide the format depending on the size and weight.
Well, it took some time.
Sometimes too much, so that it was an easier decision to postpone and never do it.
Save regretting it the moment you needed a copy of any document.
Now a day with medicscan everything is much easier and faster.
Because it automates the scanning and archiving process.
Besides being easy to set up and use it stores clear and sharp images, and saves both the image and the data into a file.
And this is not all. The image of the card can be interactive (with MedicScan OCR, optical character recognition, Real Parse), you can select specific fields for additional extraction.
You can also save the image and the text in a database.
Medicscan Pro OCR can store the rext information from both sides of a an insurance card and allows you to export the data into any application of your choice, for example email, FTP and the web.
The result is that you do not waste anymore time, increase productivity, avoid errors and can enter any patient information into your management software.
You can scan any kind of cards: Business cards, ID cards, Checks, any document, Passport.
You can scan the image only, you can use the OCR to extract data and store them in a file or a database and of course you can easily find any kind of data in your database.
Easy, fast, precise, automated.
Can you imagine something better?
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