Friday, July 27, 2007

Furniture website

If you are a furniture's lover, just like me, I bet you like to surf among furniture's website.
I mostly do because I get nice tips of how to show my furniture.
You can have the best furniture of this world, but what makes it really stunning is what is around, the color of carpets and curtains, even the position it has in the room.
One od the websites I liked is the Furniture from Home, where Furniture is showed as a part of the room.
You can find the best suggestions and of course, if you want to copy it exactly as it is, you can also buy the furniture at a very good price.
The one I liked best was the Bedroom Furniture.
It is in solid, massive wood and old style looking.
I would choose the King side Bed ( I love to sleep comfortable) with dresser and chest.
But what I relly love is the Armoire, a real 18th century copy.
May be it wouldn't be enough for all my clothes, but it would look amazing in my house!
And what about the Dark Brown Leather Living Room Furniture Sofa Set?
Imagine that over one-thousand antiqued nail heads were used to create the classic look of that quality set. They use only soft black Italian leather. The set includes a spacious sofa, a romantic love seat and a grand chair.
What I also like, because unusual, it is the big selection of Bar Stool and contemporary bar stool.
They could give a special touch to a tall table against the wall, in a small and narrow room.
Or they could find their place as stools of a contemporary "Bar".
You can also find interesting and useful tips.
"Tip # 345 Keep your bedroom fresh and smelling like a French Chateau! Purchase Lavender Water and sprinkle it onto sheets before ironing. Do the same for dining room table cloths. Your guests will rave about how inviting your home smells."
Or you can find Lifestyle Suggestions.
Well, wheter you want to buy new furniture, or just having good ideas, it really pays to look at!

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