Monday, July 02, 2007

The end of clear bubbles with a rainbow of colors in them...

"I get lots of letters from people in various corners of the nation who are hysterically disturbed by the continuing spectacle of suburban development. But instead of joining in their hand-wringing, I reply by stating my serene conviction that we are at the end of the cycle -- and by that I mean the grand meta-cycle of the suburban project as a whole. It's over. Whatever you see out there now is pretty much what we're going to be stuck with. The remaining things under construction are the last twitchings of a dying organism."

James Kunstler

The end of house bubbles comes with the end of cash, ready or borrowed.
When the expectations of economical growth are lowering and the certainty of a stale period is arising.
When the banks are sure they won't get the money back and people are sure they won't be able to keep their job.
Whe we will finally be obliged to open our eyes to see that there is nothing coming if you do not work for it, and there is no such a thing as a good, tasty, free lunch without cooking it...
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