Monday, July 02, 2007

Termites: mors tua, vita mea...

I am fond of antique furniture, and I collected quite a good amount of nice pieces during my life.
One of them was a 19th century walnut desk on turned and reeded tapered legs and a tooled inset leather top, something you can find at a price ranging from $20.000 on.
You can imagine my despair when one terrible day, moving it, suddenly it fell on one side.
One of the legs' end practically was disintegrated.
Literally eaten by termites, without me having the slightest idea that it could happen.
It cost me some money to repair it and to my dismay, you can see it!
Since then I cautiously look and inspect every piece of furniture, looking for the first sign of termites (which is usually a small and light powder on the floor)and of course taking care that they die before doing any damage.
If you want to know more about termites there is a good website where they discuss and explain about them.
How to kill termites before they kill your furniture (or your house, if you have a wooden one). This is really one of those cases: mors tua vita mea...

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