Thursday, July 19, 2007

Internet: the land of opportunities

Does the Internet make you popular?
It gives you the opportunity to GET popular.
You get popular if you are good, if you write well, if you write the things people want to read, or alternatively, if you write the things people DO NOT want to read, but in a way that people LIKE to read them.

Every time somebody begins to write a blog he hopes his blog will be popular.
He hopes he will find a lot of readers, he will find a lot of links, he will be AMONG them.
Don't believe the ones who say: I write for myself.
What's the purpose of writing if nobody reads?
It's like talking to the wall.
Yes, there is what they call blogorrea, but it doesn't last.
If you do not blog to get your lunch you can go on writing without visitors.
If you blog for eating and you do not find readers, you'd better find a new way to express yourself.

Regarding me.
There are days in which I would go on writing forever, and others in which the only sight of the keyboard gives me the nausea.
But I write for fun and I just do not switch on the computer in those days.
And of course I am desperately looking for readers and commenter’s.
I do not like a monologue, honestly, I hate it.
I write and talk to have an answer, otherwise, why bothering?
I am and always was on the opinion that a nice, good, invigorating discussion is the best way to begin your day.
A colorful argument even more so.
If talking is the food of life, discussing is certainly the spicy part of it.
It is where you heart goes, it is where you forget everything else (almost) it is where you are 100% temperament and 0,0000 self control.
But that is the fun, isn't it?
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