Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Answer

Yesterday I had a question in my mail and slowly I came to the answer.
"What’s stopping that great blog post, killer landing page, compelling white paper or even bestselling book from pouring out of your mind and onto virtual paper?"

( it is from Copyblogger, sorry somebody accused me of copying, I thought it was clear I didn't ask the question, and it didn't look important who it was, but actually it is from CopyBlogger.)

First and most important is the fact I feel like having nothing to write.
Of course I do not aim to the "killing landing page". At least I would never admit I do, you ALWAYS need to be humble...
But I usually aim to write something I like, something I THINK it is good and so on.

First rule (for me) before writing you have to read.
And to read a lot.
As much as before teaching you have to learn.
Otherwise tell me: what do you have to teach?

So, I usually look around, see what other people have to say and write when I disagree.
I hate to say: I agree 100%.
Do I need it?
If somebody else already wrote it, why should I just say yes?

The interesting part is actually in saying I disagree.
Because then you have to say why and how and how much and you begin with a few words and they usually get an answer (sometimes something like: don't you see how stupid you are and it is not worth reading what you say and so on...)
And that is the appealing of it.
Because you have something to write back and they have something to write back and so on...
Unless they just write: Your comment is awaiting moderation. And they just delete it because "you write things it is not worth reading".

Well, as I always say, there are people who think as themselves as GOD, and there is no cure for it...
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