Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chat among housewives

How would you define a clean house?
The one in which you can walk barefoot and still keep your feet clean.
And a spotless one?
The one in which you can walk berefoot and your feet from dirty get cleaner.

This, of course, is the women's standard.
For a man a clean house is the one where he can find clean dishes and cook in a clean microwave oven.
And the spotless is the one he hates to live in, because living is strictly forbidden.

My house IS mostly clean for men and women standard.
I would love a spotless house, but that is too much for my willingness to clean.
You have to find compromises in life, don't you?

They say one writes a lot about sex when he has little of it.
That doesn't apply to houseworks.
I love to plan, to write about them.
But I mostly hate to do them.

Why do women hate war and disasters?
Besides the human side of it which they share with men, they also hate all the fuss and dirt and work involved in cleaning the scene.
A woman WOULD NEVER provoke a disaster.
It is so far away from her inner nature!!!
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