Monday, July 23, 2007

Hot Tub Covers

What is a Spa Cover for?
First to cover your hot tub, and keep away snow, ice and sun for as long as you need, when you want to bath outside also in a place with a harsh winter climate.
Imagine the fun to splash in a hot water tub, outside, in full winter with the snow around!!!
And imagine your tub water keeping nice and in perfect conditions for a long time.
Imagine it doesn't cost a fortune and you can actually afford it, imagine you do not need to look for it, shopping and comparing.
Imagine you just have to sit in front of your computer and with a few clicks you can choose the one that fits you best.
Imagine it will be delivered with fast delivery and you just have to wait a few days and you'll have it.
Could you imagine something easier?
And this is not all.
The CoverGuy sells the best quality at the best price.
Its covers are made with tough, durable woven polyethylene, so that they keep debris out of your hot tub, they come in popular 7 & 8 sizes, with an elastic hem and are easy to put on and remove.
They come with 12" or 38" skirts and protect your spa from winter damage.
That means that they last longer, perform better than any other covers available. That is because the quality of their materials and workmanship are second to none.
They also have a lot of all kinds of accessories for your hot tub.
LED Spa lights, all maintenance equipment, Spa pillows, thermal and solar covers...
How to find the best fitting Cover?
With the Hot Tub Cover building software. Of course they have planed everything to make your purchase easy, fast and just perfect.
And why should you buy it in July? Because they have a July Special: the free shipping!

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