Monday, July 30, 2007

The "superficial, close to imperfection" lover.

"Today we have a simple question that will likely draw many different answers from different people.

What prevents you from sitting down and writing?

What’s stopping that great blog post, killer landing page, compelling white paper or even bestselling book from pouring out of your mind and onto virtual paper?"

I guess the first answer could be something like: I have nothing to say.
Or better: I have nothing to say that could eventually be interesting for somebody to read.
I could write about the heat or the lack of rain or the global warming or what I think of the possible solutions to it.
But would somebody be willing to read it?
I do not think so.
I looked around, searching for new subjects.
But everybody is just repeating the same things, in a nice way, in a different way, but nothing really new and interesting to comment and write about.
So the only possible subject looks " What is stopping me to write?"

"Still, when it comes to writing, exercise offers many benefits that might no seem so obvious.
The first benefit is basic stress relief. "

Strange. I feel something similar, not that snobbish though.
I have my best ideas for my best posts when I do my house works, especially when I wash the floor.
Being my house a 500 square meters house, I have a long time for thinking and mentally writing my posts.
Sometimes I even stop and go to my computer (which is always on, of course) sit and write, just in case I forget something.
I do not have plans or schemes or whatever.
I think and write.
I read and think and write.
I read and think and write and read again.
Sometimes I like it and sometimes I just delete all and go away and think of something else.

Going around I found something to comment.
Even when I stop for gas, I sometimes find a marketing lesson.

"A couple of days ago, I saw this piece of fantastic marketing stopped a few gas pumps away:
We do it all hardly for nothing at all.
Why ? Why is your marketing mantra -” We’re the cheapest and least profitable people out there, so don’t expect much from us. ”

Why ? Why would you even bother, if this is all you got ?

Would you hire the blatantly cheapest service provider out there ?

Do you want the cheapest eye doctor ? The cheapest surgeon ? The cheapest oncologist ?

I don’t. I want the best, not the cheapest."
I couldn't agree less.
Never heard of special offers? Or pay two and get three?
I talk as a customer. And I think the price is absolutely important for me.
So important that I buy things I was not supposed, I didn’t intend to buy, I do not need, I actually do not even like too much, but I cannot resist a good bargain.
Why not painting your house from top to bottom, giving it a fresh new look if the price is absolutely so inviting as to be "almost close to nothing".
And if the job is not perfectly done...who really cares?
A freshly painted room is much better than a dirty looking one.
And if you cannot afford a perfect job, a far from perfect is ALWAYS better than nothing...

The "superficial, close to imperfection" lover.
I personally hate perfection, and love to be as I am, just human...
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